19 Facts You Should Know Before You Say Anything About
THE ROCKIN' GUYS For The Permanent Record.

(1) The Rockin' Guys were formed from the remnants of Circle of Ridicule, GarGuy and the Goombahs, The Oranges and The Children of Hell in the spring of 1986.

(2) The first public performance of a band calling itself The Rockin' Guys was "The Rolling Hills Show" in 10/87.

(3) The Rockin' Guys' first Little Rock appearance was at The Readings at the DMZ(now Vino's) on 12/19/87. Their first song was Tupelo Chain Sex's "The Revolution will be Televised".

(4) "Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat," as performed by The Rockin' Guys on 12/19/87, was the first song to cause dancing at The Readings.

(5) There have been six different band line ups.

a. Rockin' Dan, Rockin' Donald, Rockin' Ray, and Rockin' Brent
b. Rockin' Dan, Rockin' Donald, Rockin' Ray, Rockin' Brent and Rockin' Robin
c. Rockin' Dan, Rockin' Donald, Rockin' Ray, Rockin' Brent, Rockin' Robin and Rockin' Mike
d. Rockin' Dan, Rockin' Donald, Rockin' Robin and Rockin' Mike
e. Rockin' Dan, Rockin' Donald, Rockin' Robin and Rockin' Don
f. Rockin' Dan, Rockin' Donald, Rockin' Robin and Rockin' Mark

(6) Discography
Socially Unacceptable-Ironic--Studio-Cassette (1990) and CD (2005)
Arkansas Born and Inbred-Ironic-Studio-CD (1992)
Christmas in Jail-Ironic-Live-CD (2005)
Vaults of Erowid-Ironic-Basement Tapes-CD (2006)
Performance Art Miscreants-Ironic-Studio-CD (2007)

(7) In his review of "Socially Unacceptable" in the October 3, 1990 Spectrum, Phillip Martin said: "Buy the tape, book the band, but don't come complaining to me when your 14-year-old daughter carves a pentagram in her forehead and starts baying at that big ochre moon."

(8) In his review of "Arkansas Born and Inbred" in the February 11, 1993 Hendrix Profile, Brent Miller said: "As something to play while one is clipping one's toenails, reading Spin and watching MTV, however, this album is a nice little trinket."

(9) In his review of "Arkansas Born and Inbred" in the March 3, 1993 Spectrum, Werner Trieschmann said: "Sex, rock n' roll. cowboys, John Kennedy, teenagers and Christmas are blended into a Rockin' Guys concoction, the kind billowing with smoke and smelling as rancid as the Middle Ages or a bathroom at Barton (which these guys should play soon)."

(10) The Rockin' Guys have never performed in a bathroom, at Barton or otherwise.

(11) In the March 17, 1993 Spectrum, Werner Trieschmann returned to the subject of the Rockin' Guys to proclaim: "The Rockin' Guys may not be the Einstein of Rock n' Roll, but they're definitely its Rasputin."

(12) Lindsey Miller of Localist included "Arkansas Born and Inbred" on his list of the 10 'must have' local releases of all time.

(13) Dr. Demento has included perennial holiday favorite " We've Got the Eggnog (If You've Got the Whiskey)" in his Christmas show and was heard to remark "these guys are demented" the first time he introduced the song during his December 1993 show.

(14) Avant-garde guitar and rake virtuoso Eugene Chadbourne has included "Arkansas Born and Inbred" on his Top 10 favorite Cd list.

(15) The Rockin' Guys, most fans who were present and any innocent bystanders who happened to be in the vicinity will vouchsafe the performance of David Thomas' "Monster Walks the Winter Lake" at Riverfest in May 1994 to be the most memorable of the Rockin' Guys' many memorable public displays.

(16) Despite (15), the Rockin' Guys have performed at Riverfest 4 times.

(17) The Rockin' Guys are on MySpace at www.myspace.com/therockinguys.

(18) The Rockin' Guys have performed with the following musicians, among others -The Bad Livers, Neighborhood Texture Jam, Southland Corporation. T.Tex Edwards and Swingin' Cornflake Killers, The Hickoids, Ebo and the Tomcatz, The Dirt Clods, Barkin' Tribe, Cowboy Mouth, Richard Leo Johnson, Ho Hum, The Bloodless Cooties, Blind Willie's Johnson, The Rockin' Big Daddy, The Subliminal Kid, Richard Wagner, The Alluring Strange, Towncryer, The Ideals, Naked Vanilla, The Neckbones, and Ace Cannon.

(19) The Rockin' Guys have performed in Little Rock, Conway, El Dorado, Russellville, Toad Suck, Benton, Bryant, Memphis and Goat Hill.

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